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Paints, Plasters, Putty and Mastics, Glue and Adhesives, Ink and Pigment Pastes, Insulation Chemicals, Composite Components, Coatings, Agro Chemicals, Paper Chemicals, Construction Chemicals and Cosmetics…

These type of dissolvers are developed to be applied where homogenization and dispersion is needed, such as paints…

They are used in the production of sealants, printing inks, polyester paste, silicone products, adhesives, wall paste, PU casting compounds…

Silicone-based products, heavy printing inks, sealants, mastic adhesives, pastes, epoxy and polysul de based high viscosity systems can 

It is a model of high-speed mixer machines designed in high capacities for platforms. They are used in the production of paints, construction chemicals,

They are widely used in the production of industrial paints, automotive repair paints, marine paints, leather paints…

Combined planetary mixer machines are used in the production of medium and high..

Zet-Mixer machines are used in the manufacturing of high-viscosity products like hotmelt adhesives, rubber, bmc and smc…

It is widely used to discharge high viscosity products of various speci cations from…


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