Insulation Chemicals

These type of dissolvers are developed to be applied where homogenization and dispersion is needed, such as paints …

It is a model of high-speed mixer machines designed in high capacities for platforms. They are used in the production of paints, construction chemicals,

Low-speed (agitator) mixer machines equipped with heavy-duty power are widely used in all areas where …

The high speed mixer is a compact form of machines produced as a closed system. 

Horizontal mixer machines are generally used for mixing high viscosity materials with at least a degree of uidity such as satin plaster, putty, sealant, paste, sealants, polyurethane-based products, and pre-paint application systems.

In addition to being used for paint filling and weighing, especially in the chemical industry, these are the types of machines in which all kinds

Especially in the chemical industry, it is a type of machine where products such as putty, grease, printing ink, which have high viscosity without their own 

It is a model of high-speed mixer machines compact designed for high capacities.