Laboratory Equipments

These mixers developed for laboratories for pilot production purposes in trials or product development 

These machines are developed for laboratories for pilot production or test applications where wet grinding…

These mixers are produced for laboratories for pilot production in the tests or development of products 

It is widely used for fast and ef cient comparison of low viscosity uids in the laboratory. It is often preferred to measure the viscosity of products such as paint…

The usage area of nano horizontal milling machines begins in the applications where the wet milling…


Sözer Makina, laboratory machines, as well as the main production machines, have been providing solid and successful service for many years. These equipment used in laboratory work support your research and development processes by offering high quality, precision and reliability.

Laboratory fast speed mixer machines, laboratory basket-mill machines, laboratory zet-mixer machines, laboratory horizontal crushing machines and din cup viscosity cups are the machines that make up the whole of laboratory equipment.

Laboratory Equipment is equipped with sensitive sensors, advanced control systems and user-friendly interfaces to ensure accuracy and reliable results. In addition, thanks to its durable structures, it provides long-term use and helps you to carry out your laboratory studies efficiently.

Laboratory machines are ideal solutions for mixing and homogenizing samples. Equipped with advanced mixing technology, mixers precisely mix liquid and powder materials of different viscosities. In this way, you can obtain perfect samples for extensive testing and analysis. All surfaces in contact with the product are manufactured from 304-L quality stainless steel as standard.

The mixers, which are easy to use, accelerate the workflow of the laboratory personnel and increase productivity. The laboratory equipment and mixers of Sözer Makina are designed in accordance with safety standards and ensure the safety of the operators at the highest level. In addition, it optimizes energy consumption and reduces operating costs, thanks to its energy efficiency-oriented designs.

Sözer Makina’s quality-oriented approach guarantees keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level and ensuring success in your laboratory studies.

Laboratory equipment and mixers are high quality products produced by Sözer Makina with expertise and experience. We aim to provide the best solutions to our customers who seek reliability and precision in their research and development studies. As Sözer Makina, we use the most advanced technologies to support your laboratory work and ensure your success.