Plaster Mixer Machines

Plaster mixer machines are generally used for the homogeneous and effective mixing of the products which are denser than the paint


Sözer Makina Plaster Mixer Machines are industrial machines used in the construction industry and designed for mixing ready-made plaster materials and obtaining a homogeneous consistency. These machines draw attention with their high capacity and powerful engines.

Plaster mixers are equipped with specially designed mixing paddles or blades. These pallets or knives effectively mix the materials and ensure a homogeneous mixture. In this way, the consistency and quality of the plaster material is optimized. All surfaces in contact with the product are manufactured from 304-L quality stainless steel as standard.

Sözer Makina Plaster Mixer Machines provide long-lasting use with their durable structures. Machine bodies are made of robust steel material and withstand heavy working conditions. In this way, they exhibit a continuous and reliable performance.

Having a user-friendly design, these machines offer operators ease of use with their easy-to-use control panel and settings.