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Quality Of Experience

SÖZER MAKİNA, whose foundations were laid in 1946, has been a model company in the production of domestic machinery in Turkey since the second half of the 1900s. In addition to the production of multi-purpose machines and components in the sectors we serve, we can provide design, project design and consultancy services through our extensive knowledge and experience.

In its innovative and wide-range products, SÖZER MAKİNA assumes a strong sense of responsibility in each machine or turnkey project, covering every activity from the initial design stage to the installation and operation procedures of the machines. Since it was founded, the company has assured “robust and reliable” machines that would satisfy its business partners for many years.

SÖZER MAKİNA exports approximately 60% of its annual production today. As of the end of 2022, it shares manufacturing technology and services with contacts in 70 different countries worldwide. Our specialized engineers and technicians perfectly provide design, project design, production after-sale services.

As SÖZER MAKİNA, we want to be the solution to your sectoral needs and projects both with our independent machine solutions and with our turnkey projects. We wish to work with you to realize your projects.



Ali Sözer lays the foundations of Sözer Makina with the name "Sözer motopomp ve machine, Ali Sözer and sons" in his 20 m square workshop in Karaköy, İstanbul. he was graduated from the Sultan Ahmet art school, lathe leveling department, which was one of the best schools of the period.


Production and service of different pumps used in various places is continued in his 3 different workshops in İstanbul Küçük Mustafa Paşa.


Production area is moved to the 170 m square workshop in Eyüp, İstanbul.


Apart from the current business subjects, the first "mixer paint mixing machine" is produced by manufactured paint production machines of various types and capacities.


Sözer Makina, with its developing and growing structure, has moved to its own plant at the IMES Organized Industrial Zone in the Kocaeli Dilovası region.


Serving in the fields of Chemistry and Paint, the Sözer brand reserved its place in the IMES Industrial Site in İstanbul Dudullu Organized Industrial Region after focusing on the machine production.


It established a limited company to gain a more institutional structure.


Aiming to become a brand in its business fields, Sözer Machinery officially registered SÖZER® as its trademark


After the increase in the customer orders and the business volume, Sözer Makina moved to the plant in Paint Varnish Organized Industrial Zone in the İstanbul Tuzla region. In this way it transfers the business from workshop to the "factory" level.


Sözer Makina, with its developing and growing structure, moved to its own factory built in IMES organized industrial zone in Kocaeli Dilovası.


Sözer Makina has started the production of machines and systems with high added value through digitalization and works in the field of industry 4.0.


We decided to combine our enterprise resource planning (erp) system under the umbrella of "sap" to make our business efficiency and interdepartmental communication more effective. our transition integrations to the new system have started.