Service and Maintenances

SÖZER MAKİNA, is aware that after-sales service and spare parts supply is a very important issue. In this regard, we provide after-sales services to our customers around the world with great care. We have a highly dynamic and solution-oriented approach in terms of on-site repair and service with our trained engineers and technicians.

Therefore, we are able to offer 24/7 service and accessibility features. We continue our development with the target of 100% customer satisfaction. SÖZER MAKİNA believes that it is one of the most important parts of having competitive power with its widespread sales and after-sales service network. With our understanding of customer satisfaction, we receive on-the-job trainings and take care to stay in a structure that follows the developing technology. We always work with all our strength to ensure that our customers always get the first day performance from their machines.

SÖZER MAKİNA gives 2 year production warranty and 10 year spare parts warranty for the machines and equipment it produces.