Horizontal Mixer Machines

Horizontal mixer machines are generally used for mixing high viscosity materials with at least a degree of uidity such as satin plaster, putty, sealant, paste, sealants, polyurethane-based products, and pre-paint application systems.


Horizontal mixer machines are industrial machines used for effective mixing of materials and obtaining a homogeneous consistency. These machines are generally used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other similar industries.

Horizontal mixer machines attract attention with their specially designed rotating shafts and mixing arms. These shafts and arms effectively mix and rotate the materials in a horizontal plane. In this way, it is ensured that the materials are distributed homogeneously and the desired mixture is obtained.

Horizontal mixer machines, with their high capacity and powerful motors, are capable of handling large amounts of material. These machines are generally used for mixing materials in powder, granule or liquid form. For example, they are preferred in the food industry for homogeneous mixing of flour, spices, sauces, chocolate and similar materials.

Horizontal mixer machines provide long-lasting use with their durable structures. Their bodies, mostly made of stainless steel or cast iron, withstand heavy working conditions. This allows them to perform reliably in busy production environments. All surfaces in contact with the product are manufactured from 304-L quality stainless steel as standard.

Horizontal mixer machines, which provide convenience to the operators with their user-friendly designs, draw attention with their ergonomic structures and easy-to-use control panels. They may also have features that facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

As a result, horizontal mixer machines are ideal for effective mixing of materials and obtaining a homogeneous consistency. It is a widely preferred option in industrial sectors with its high capacity, durable structures and user-friendly designs. They are used in many sectors such as food, chemistry, medicine, cosmetics, optimizing production processes and contributing to the acquisition of quality products.

Horizontal mixer machines offer flexibility to users with various capacity options. Available in various sizes to suit different needs, from small-scale workshops to large industrial plants.

They provide long-lasting use with their durable and robust structures. Machine bodies are usually made of robust steel or cast iron and withstand intense working conditions. In this way, they provide a continuous and reliable performance.