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It is a model of high-speed mixer machines compact designed for high capacities.


Mixer Machines Used to Produce Cosmetic Products are high performance machines specially designed and manufactured by Sözer Makina. These mixers allow the ingredients used in the manufacturing process of cosmetic products to be mixed effectively.

Cosmetic products are products used for personal care, beauty and hygiene purposes. These may include skin care products, hair care products, make-up products, perfumes, lotions, creams and similar products. The production of cosmetic products requires the precise combination of ingredients that are mixed in the right proportions and homogeneously.

Sözer Makina’s mixers ensure that cosmetic ingredients are mixed in the right proportions and homogeneously. This is an important factor that determines product quality, stability and performance. Mixers provide a homogeneous distribution of ingredients and facilitate the obtaining of desired formulations.

Mixer machines successfully mix cosmetic ingredients with different viscosity values. It also features advanced measuring and control systems for precise dosing and mixing of different ingredients. This ensures that the desired production parameters are achieved.

Sözer Makina’s cosmetic mixers are equipped with a user-friendly interface and provide operational convenience. Automatic control systems and precision measuring units ensure that the desired production parameters are achieved. In addition, the machines have a structure that can be easily cleaned and maintained, thus providing hygienic production conditions.

Mixer Machines Used to Produce Cosmetic Products is one of Sözer Makina’s specialties. The machines are produced in accordance with high quality standards and can be specially designed for customer needs. Sözer Makina helps cosmetics manufacturers to optimize their production processes by providing reliable and efficient mixer solutions.

After some cosmetic products are dispersed, they must be crushed at certain micron (micron) levels and then filtered in order to obtain the desired quality result. The machines needed at this point are wet grinding machines.

At this point, there are two alternatives. The first of these is the Basket-Mill crushing and straining machines and the other is the Nano horizontal crushing machines.

As Sözer Makina, we are proud to offer special solutions to our customers operating in the cosmetics sector and to produce quality mixer machines. We would like to state that we are always there to support our customers’ production goals and increase their success.

All of these machines offer cosmetic product manufacturers a more efficient production process. With their options and additional features, they are manufactured in accordance with today’s technology. They have the infrastructure to be operated within the scope of a fully automatic automation system depending on manual or PLC recipe control systems if you wish. In addition, they can be manufactured in an integrated structure with automatic raw material feeding systems and filling lines.

You can contact us through any of our communication channels to find the mixers suitable for your needs.