Zet Kneader Machines

Zet-Mixer machines are used in the manufacturing of high-viscosity products like hotmelt adhesives, rubber, bmc and smc…


Zet-Kneader machines are machines used in the production of products with high viscosity such as hotmelt adhesives, rubber, bmc and smc paste, glass fiber reinforced products, pad production industries, solid fuels, heavy plastisols. The rotation of the specially shaped “Z” mixing paddles with the horizontal mixing system in the boiler at different speeds and in both directions ensures an extremely homogeneous kneading and mixing. In this context, they are widely preferred machines in the food industry.

Zet Kneader Machines have a solid and durable structure. Mixer chambers produced using high-quality stainless steel materials provide long-lasting use and are easy to clean. These machines offer reliable performance even under intense operating conditions and are durable for long-term use.

Zet Kneader Machines provide homogeneous mixing of materials with its advanced mixing technology. With its powerful motors and optimized mixing paddles, the materials are effectively integrated and a homogeneous mixture is obtained. In addition, the speed of the mixers and other operating parameters can be adjusted so that it can be adapted to the needs of different materials.

Zet Kneader Machines provide easy use with a user-friendly control panel and automatic operation features. With advanced automation features, operator intervention is minimized and workflow is accelerated. In addition, safety measures and protective systems ensure the safety of operators.

Zet Kneader are ideal mixers for effective mixing of high viscosity products. Thanks to their strong and effective structures, they help you achieve stable and quality results in your processes.

Sözer Makina always prioritizes customer satisfaction with high quality products such as Zet Mixer Machines. Designed with over 70 years of field experience, expertise and experience, these machines aim to offer our customers high performance, reliability and efficiency.

Offering solutions suitable for your needs, Sözer Makina Zet Mixer Machines are the ideal choices to optimize your production processes and increase your success.