Hydraulic Press-Out Machines

It is widely used to discharge high viscosity products of various speci cations from…


Sözer Makina’s Hydraulic Press-Out Machines are high quality machines that facilitate material discharge from boilers and filling into boxes or barrels in industrial production processes. These machines are specially designed to provide efficiency and safety in the process of removing and processing material from the boilers.

Hydraulic Press-Out Machines have a solid and durable structure. Press bodies produced using high quality steel material provide long-lasting use and reliable performance. These machines are specially designed to provide durability and reliability even under intense working conditions.

Hydraulic Press-Out Machines provide easy operation with a user-friendly control panel and automatic operation features. Thanks to advanced automation features, operator intervention is minimized and workflow is accelerated. In addition, safety measures and protective systems ensure the safety of operators.

The main function of these machines is to effectively discharge the materials contained in the boilers. High pressure hydraulic systems provide the necessary power to remove materials from the boiler. Boiler Discharge Press Machines are offered with dosing, filling units and apparatus designed for discharging different materials.

These optionally offered filling units can be designed gravimetrically or volumetrically, and can also work in an integrated manner with box and lid closing units.

Sözer Makina prioritizes customer satisfaction with high quality products such as Boiler Draining Press Machines. Designed with expertise and over 70 years of experience, these machines are the ideal option to ensure efficiency, reliability and work safety in your production processes. As Sözer Makina, we always aim to meet the needs of our customers in the best way by offering customizable solutions.

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