The basis of turn-key projects lies in the most effective use of advanced technology, high experience and efficiency principles. They are full project works where the engineering, design, and implementation principles are fully applied. It is preferred in future-oriented investments in all production sectors, particularly in the chemical industry thanks to the technological advances. Fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual operating systems can be installed in our full plant projects in line with the request of our business partners. There are differences in the machine tracks used in automatic or manual operating systems. For this reason, the selected machines and auxiliary equipment is designed to operate most efficiently under the high experience and knowledge of our company. We negotiate the architectural project with our business partners who wish a turn-key project and present the most suitable project type to them.


There are two types of raw material feeding systems that we use extensively in our fully automatic production projects. These are automatic vacuum feeding systems for powder raw materials and automatic pump systems for liquid raw materials. Both feeding systems can be with automatic dosing system. All raw materials are automatically sent to the production mixers via pipelines according to the order and quantity on the prescribed basis. All these operations can be monitored step by step on the central control screen. Within the project, all software and automation processes can be developed and adapted to the project in line with the request of our business partner.

In turn-key projects, manufacturing of silos and tanks, all raw material transfer systems, pipelines, production mixer machines, finished product stock tanks, coloring tanks, filling and packaging lines manufacturing, automation and software systems that will control the whole project constitute the main lines of the project. All weighing and measuring systems used in the projects, PC/PLC systems used in automation and other industrial devices are preferred among the products with the most suitable structure in line with our field experience of more than 70 years. Since all raw materials and products are sent through pipes in our fully automatic projects,

the absence of any dust in the production environment provides a great advantage to the user company. Operator errors and related performance variability are minimized in production lines operating independently of manpower. We offer the pleasure of developing and implementing automation and software under the responsibility of a single company including all machines, devices, silos, tanks, pipelines, weighing and measuring systems, pneumatic control systems and finally the filling-packaging machines used in turn-key projects. In order to get more detailed information about turnkey projects, you can contact our experienced engineers.