Wet Grinding Machines

They are widely used in the production of industrial paints, automotive repair paints, marine paints, leather paints…

The usage area of nano horizontal milling machines begins in the applications…


Sözer Makina’s wet grinding machines, basket-mill machines, horizontal crushing machines are machines used in various industries, especially paint and chemistry. They are powerful and effective machines in which the wet grinding process of the products is carried out. These machines draw attention with their high capacities and durable structures.

Sözer Makina wet grinding machines are machine types used for crushing the previously homogeneously dispersed product at certain micron levels and making it finer.

The machines have specially designed grinding chamber and crushing discs. These discs allow the materials to be grinded effectively, while additional options allow the process to become more efficient.

Sözer Makina’s wet grinding machines have a user-friendly design. They provide operators with both ease of use and the advanced automation structure of the machines, allowing the operations to be controlled from start to finish.
Wet Grinding Machines produced by Sözer Makina have very easy maintenance features in line with more than 70 years of field experience. In addition, there is a very high customer satisfaction rate of 98% within the scope of after-sales service and spare parts services. These types of machines play an important role in the production processes, thanks to their high efficiency and quality grinding. All surfaces in contact with the product are manufactured from 304-L quality stainless steel as standard.

Sözer Makina wet grinding machines offer reliable performance and can be customized with additional options according to customer needs. Thanks to their powerful engines and robust structures, they are ideal machines for long-term use. Sözer Makina always works with a focus on customer satisfaction and takes care to improve itself in order to meet the demands in the sector in a sustainable way.

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