Auxiliary Equipments

Stock tanks & Silos designed with high capacity are used for stocking ready products, raw materials or semi-finished products..
Mixing vessels designed as low and high capacity for production with different types of machines as well as for the transportation of the mixing product..

The mixing discs, which give the mixing and dispersion ability to the machine and suitable for working at high speeds during

It is widely used for the transfer of various viscosity liquids, especially any kind of paint or low viscosity chemicals, which can come to the pump inlet with its

They are commonly used for the sieving and ltration of foreign substances, unwanted large particles in the product after transferring the products with less…

It is widely used in all kinds of production industries in the areas where it is necessary to close the can with a cap after the product 

They are machinery products widely used in the process of ltering and sorting of all kinds of viscous products with their own uidity…

They are widely used in all kinds of industrial production, where it is necessary to give additional temperature to the environment..