Construction Chemicals

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They are used in the production of sealants, printing inks, polyester paste, silicone products, adhesives, wall paste, PU casting compounds…

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It is a model of high-speed mixer machines designed in high capacities for platforms. They are used in the production of paints, construction chemicals,

The high speed mixer is a compact form of machines produced as a closed system. 

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It is a model of high-speed mixer machines compact designed for high capacities.


Mixer Machines Used to Produce Construction Chemicals are high performance machines specially designed and manufactured by Sözer Makina. These mixers provide effective mixing of materials used in construction chemicals production processes.

Construction chemicals are used to increase the durability of the materials used in the construction industry, to improve the properties of the structure and to provide ease of application. Examples include cement based mortars, concrete additives, waterproofing materials, adhesives and construction chemicals such as epoxy resins.

Sözer Makina’s mixers ensure that construction chemicals are mixed in the right proportions and homogeneously. This is an important factor that determines product quality and performance. Mixers provide a homogeneous distribution of materials and facilitate the achievement of desired properties.

Mixer machines are offered in different capacities and features. This offers solutions suitable for different production scales and needs. The machines are equipped with a user-friendly interface and provide operational convenience. Automatic control systems and precision measuring units ensure that the desired production parameters are achieved.

Sözer Makina’s mixers are made of durable and high quality materials. In this way, it offers long-term and reliable use. In addition, it has a structure that can be easily cleaned and maintained to ensure cleanliness and hygienic standards.

Mixer Machines Used to Produce Construction Chemicals successfully mix materials with different viscosity values. These mixers provide the homogeneity, dispersion and mixing continuity required for the production of construction chemicals. Thus, the quality and performance of the products are at a high level.

Sözer Makina designs and manufactures Mixer Machines Used to Produce Construction Chemicals in accordance with customer needs and industry standards. Every machine goes through quality control processes and offers high performance, durability and reliability. By offering customized solutions to customers, it helps them optimize their construction chemicals production processes.

Hydraulic Boiler Unloading Press machines, which are needed at the point of taking the product produced after the production of Glue and Adhesive from the boiler, are also important machines in this sector. Thanks to our machines of this type, the product can be emptied into barrels, containers or different tanks in the boiler and the filling can be done precisely. Gravimetric or volumetric filling units, which can work in integration with our press machines, are an important feature offered as an option in our hydraulic boiler discharge press machines.

Our machines are manufactured in accordance with today’s technology with the options and additional features they have. They have the infrastructure to be operated within the scope of a fully automatic automation system depending on manual or PLC recipe control systems if you wish. In addition, they can be manufactured in an integrated structure with automatic raw material feeding systems and filling lines.

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