Filling and Weighing Machines

In addition to being used for paint filling and weighing, especially in the chemical industry, these are the types of machines in which all kinds

Especially in the chemical industry, it is a type of machine where products such as putty, grease, printing ink, which have high viscosity without their own 


Sözer Makina industrial Filling and Weighing Machines are machines that are used in various sectors and that perform material filling and weighing with precision. These machines optimize production processes, providing high accuracy and efficiency.

Filling and weighing machines are often used for precise measuring and packaging of powdery, granular, liquid or paste-like materials. They are widely preferred in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and similar industries.

Sözer Makina Filling and Weighing Machines are equipped with high precision weighing systems (load-cell) and measuring devices (indicator). In this way, the right amount of materials is filled and compliance with the desired packaging standards can be achieved.

The machines have a user-friendly design and offer easy use. The control panel and settings are ergonomically designed for operators to operate comfortably. It also has quick-adjustable features, thus providing flexibility for different products and packaging.

Sözer Makina industrial Filling and Weighing Machines are manufactured in two different types as liquid and dense product filling machines. They can also be offered with various optional features. These options are box-lid closing unit and roller conveyor belt system.