Installation and Commissioning

Sözer Makina, our first priority is to produce safe and user-friendly machines. we are constantly researching and working to improve our machines and production systems in relation to these issues. in these studies, which started with the analysis of process processes and continued with technology development, it was aimed to develop the human-machine interface relationship. because only as a result can a safe operation be ensured. there are stages and tests we have created for all our machines that we produce. these tests, which are applied at every stage in line with the data brought by our experience of more than 76 years, enable us to reveal safe and long-lasting machines that work without problems.

Sözer Makina, also has a proactive structure that directs the development of the sector with its capacity to produce in international standards and its power and experience to meet the flexible market demands in the sector. we continue to work on the principle of producing the demand as much as the need, quickly with high standards of quality and delivering it to the right place when requested, with our sap supported production system, just in time (jit) production methodology.

We are one of the companies that can produce the most different types and types of machinery among companies doing similar work in turkiye and in the world. with more than 76 years of field experience and know-how, we can successfully carry out the establishment of fully or semi-automatic facilities with automation systems. as of today, we ship our products to 70 different countries of the world as well as the domestic market of turkiye and provide on-site installation services.

Sözer Makina’s getting ahead of the competition is the strategic importance it attaches to r&d. the investments we make in order to follow the developments in the world in place and quickly come from the passion of producing technological, high quality and superior machines.

All of our machines and systems that you have produced are absolutely installed on site with our expert engineer staff and user trainings are provided. at the same time, we provide human-machine adaptation by making several charge trial productions in our customers’ factories under their supervision. we can provide these services to every point of the world where we ship our machines without exception, regardless of whether a single machine or a complete line separation.our after-sales services unit has been constantly developing and renewing its own team over the years with the feedback it receives from our customers. we have a very high customer satisfaction rate of 98% in terms of installation-commissioning and service-spare parts supply.