These type of dissolvers are developed to be applied where homogenization and dispersion is needed, such as paints …

They are used in the production of sealants, printing inks, polyester paste, silicone products, adhesives, wall paste, PU casting compounds…

Silicone-based products, heavy printing inks, sealants, mastic adhesives, pastes, epoxy and polysul de based high viscosity systems can 

It is a model of high-speed mixer machines designed in high capacities for platforms. They are used in the production of paints, construction chemicals,

The high speed mixer is a compact form of machines produced as a closed system. 

Low-speed (agitator) mixer machines equipped with heavy-duty power are widely used in all areas where …

It is a model of high-speed mixer machines compact designed for high capacities.


Sözer Makina is a leading company in industrial Dissolvers. It stands out in the sector with its long years of experience and innovative approach. It is a company specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of various Dissolvers used in different industries.

Sözer Makina’s industrial Dissolvers are manufactured from high quality materials and are durable. Dissolvers with different capacities and features are designed and produced in accordance with the specific needs of customers. Dissolvers used in cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics and many other industries provide high performance and efficiency in production processes.

Sözer Makina’s industrial Dissolvers (mixers) are primarily used for homogeneous mixing and processing of materials. It is ensured to obtain a homogeneous mixture of different materials with the mixing propellers rotating at high speed. In addition, the speed and direction of rotation of the mixers can be adjusted so that it can be easily adapted to different production requirements. All surfaces in contact with the product are manufactured from 304-L quality stainless steel as standard.

Variable Speed Dissolvers, Industrial Mixers
Variable Speed ​​Mixers; Industrial mixers are powerful machines used to mix and process various homogeneous components in line with processes. They provide efficient mixing with high-speed rotational action. They are generally used in chemistry, paint, coating, construction chemicals, cosmetics, construction, agriculture and pharmaceutical industries. With their durable structures, various capacity options and functionalities, they offer an effective and efficient solution in production processes.

Advanced control systems and automation features make Sözer Makina’s mixers more user-friendly and efficient. Operators can easily make advanced adjustments according to their prescriptions. The mixers produced by Sözer Makina have very easy maintenance features in line with more than 70 years of field experience. In addition, there is a very high customer satisfaction rate of 98% within the scope of after-sales service and spare parts services.

Sözer Makina attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. Special solutions can be offered for every project and need. Professional team analyzes customers’ needs and recommends the most suitable mixer solution. It also supports its customers with after-sales services and ensures that the mixers work for a long time and without any problems.

You can contact us through any of our communication channels to find the mixers suitable for your needs.