SMNG Series Horizontal Milling Machines

We continue to produce suitable solutions for your needs in accordance with our 76 years of knowledge. Our technical department was working hard for a while on our new machine which is from Wet Milling series, “SMNG Nano Horizontal Milling Machines”. The design, production and testing processes of the machine were successfully completed recently.

In line with the intense demands coming from our sales department, “SMNG Series Nano Horizontal Milling Machines“, which are produced under the guarantee and brand of SÖZER®, have started to take place in our customers’ facilities.

Products can be milled up to a maximum 20,000 centipoise viscosity level and ultra fine milling is possible with this type of machines. Depending on your introduction micron after pre dispersion process, under 1 mıcron level is not a problem anymore.

You can reach more detailed information about the “SMNG Series Nano Horizontal Milling Machines” from our communication channels or you can kindly contact us.

We would like to invite to Sözer Machine to make your projects come true !

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Germany / SHK 2000 Zet-Kneader Hotmelt Production

SHK 2000 series Zet-Kneader Machine and all systems equipments have been shipped to our German customer last month. Installation and commisioning jobs have been finished. This heavy duty Zet-Kneader machine has 180 Kw installed power, 23 tons weight and special heat insulation system. Our customer will produce Hotmelt and its derivatives with our 2,000 lt. capacity Zet-Mixer machine.

For more detailed information about our machine, you can watch the video on our youtube channel by clicking the link below.