Sözer Machine 👉 USA

The design of the automated facility to be used by our customer in the USA for the production of BMC & SMC with a daily production capacity of 80 tons has been completed. In this video you can see the general layout except for the piping lines. The following machines and systems will be included in our project. Now it’s production time….

  • SHK Series Zet-Kneader Machines (4 unit)
  • SM.SBT Series Stationary Dissolvers (2 unit)
  • STM Series Powder Raw Material Tanks (2 unit)
  • SM Series High Speed Dissolvers (3 unit)
  • Floor Scales (3 unit)
  • Big Bag Discharge Units (4 unit)
  • Powder Conveyors (4 unit)
  • Powder Conveying Screw Systems (2 unit)
  • Pumps and Piping Lines
  • Platform