Polisan Gebkim JR

A fully automated solvent-based production facility for which we serve as the main contractor, has been commissioned at the Polisan Gebkim JR campus. In this project, 14 mixers, stock tanks, piping and raw material transfer systems work in an integrated manner with full automation.

We invite you to work with Sözer Makina to provide solutions for your needs with our 77 years of experience!

Polisan Gebkim JR Project

Sözer Makina Traditional Ramadan Dinner 2023

We came together with all our valuable colleagues at the traditional Ramadan dinner and left behind a pleasant evening.

It is good for all of us to be together as a team and to share all the issues under the roof of Sözer Makina. Sözer Makina continues to rise and sail towards its goals with all its employees every year.

We wish the month of Ramadan to bring blessings and peace to everyone.


European Coating Show 2023

After a break of 4 years, we are happy and proud to leave behind another successful European Coating Show in Nuremberg, Germany. As Sözer Makina, we hosted the world’s leading companies serving in the coating, paint and chemistry sectors at our booth.

We exhibited SM Series High Speed Dissolver, SMPK Series Combined Planetary Mixer, SBM Series Basket-Mill machine, SMNG Series Nano Horizontal Milling Machine and SKBM Series Hydraulic Press out machine at our booth.

We had very productive presentations and contacts for 3 days. While meeting with many familiar faces at our booth, we also had the opportunity to establish new connections. We are closing the European Coating Show 2023 very efficiently. We would like to thank all our visitors who came to our booth and look forward to meeting you again in 2025.

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SM Series High Speed Dissolver

SMPK Series Combined Planetary Mixer

SBM Series Basket-Mill Machine

SMNG Series Nano Horizontal Milling Machine

SKBM Series Hydraulic Press Out Machine



Sözer Makina, whose foundations were laid in 1946, is a brand at the top of its sector with its knowledge and experience of more than 75 years. Combining its experience with its innovative vision, Sözer Makina is among the leading machinery manufacturers in Turkey and the world as of today, with the added value it has produced. 

In addition to the production of machinery and components within the scope of the sectors served, design, turn-key projects and consultancy services are provided under the roof of Sözer Makina, with years of knowledge and experience. As of today, Sözer Makina exports to more than 70 countries in 6 continents 60% of its annual production. Sözer Makina has its signature in many of the most prestigious factories in the world serving in the paint, coating, construction chemicals, adhesive, insulation, composite, pesticide, paper chemicals and cosmetics sectors. 

All machines manufactured under Sözer Makina roof, are produced in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and CE quality directives. Thanks to the technological product certificate and Ex-Atex certificate, investment incentive purchasing opportunities are available for its business partners.

Sözer Makina, which has a very high customer satisfaction rate of 98% within the scope of the surveys and feedbacks received from its business partners, provides all the services it offers flawlessly with its expert engineers, technicians and administrative staff.

Sözer Makina, one of the manufacturers with the widest production range in the world in its sector, aims to always produce the best with its R&D studies and to carry this standard to the future in harmony with constantly developing values.


Interlakokraska 2023

We participated Interlakokraska 2023 in Russia-Moscow between February 28 and March 4, 2023.

We exhibited SPK Series Planetary Mixer, SBM Series Basket-Mill and SMNG Series Nano Horizontal Milling machines at our booth.

We had very productive presentations and contacts with our Russian representative “AVS COMPANY” for 4 days. We met with many familiar faces and we had the opportunity to establish many new connections at our booth.

It is a great honor for us to represent our country as the only Turkish machinery manufacturer to participate in Interlakokraska 2023 in Russia.

We are closing Russia Interlakokraska 2023 quite efficiently which is one of our target markets. We would like to thank all our visitors who came to our booth and look forward to meeting you again on February 27, 2024.


Goodbye 2022

Time for some fun 😊

We are getting ready to leave behind the successful year 2022 and our 76th year of foundation as Sözer Makina. We came together with our colleagues to strengthen our team spirit and reinforce our commitment to each other. We had a fun night with dinner in the heart of our company, in the production area. We would like to thank all our friends who participated in the event for this beautiful day.


You can visit our youtube channel to watch our video !


Tunisia – Automation Controlled Facility Project

The design of the automated facility to be used by our customer in Tunisia has been completed. They will be using automatic water-based interior paint with a production capacity of 40 tons per day, Water and Solvent Based Sealant with a production capacity of 8 tons per day, Solvent Based Interior Paint with a production capacity of 40 tons per day, and Water Based Wall Putty with a production capacity of 28 tons per day. Now it’s production time.

  • SM Series Platform Type Dissolvers
  • SM.SBT Series Stationary Dissolvers
  • SM.3MIL Series Triple Shaft Mixing Machines
  • SKBM Series Hydraulic Press Machines
  • SM Series High Speed Dissolvers
  • SBM Series Basket-Mill Machines
  • SMNG Series Nano Grinding Bead-Mills
  • SMP Series Horizontal Mixing Machines
  • SM.KK Series Raw Material Storage Silos
  • Powder Conveyors & Big Bag Discharge Units
  • Powder Conveying Screw Systems
  • Filters, Pumps and Piping Lines
  • Platform & Floor Scales
  • Rack Systems for IBC Tanks
  • Full Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

Cameroon / Water Based Paint Production

Photo shoot from the production of water based paint Production with our 5.000 liter capacity, SM series High Speed Dissolver Mixers and STM Series Liquid Filling-Weighing Machines that we have installed in Cameroon.

You can have the opportunity to use machines without problems for many years with Sözer Makina for water or solvent based paint production systems. For detailed information, please contact us !


Enterprise Resource Planning System Update / SAP

We decided to combine our enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems under the roof of “SAP” to make our business efficiency and interdepartmental communication more effective. Transition integrations to the new system have started.


Sözer Machine 👉 USA

The design of the automated facility to be used by our customer in the USA for the production of BMC & SMC with a daily production capacity of 80 tons has been completed. In this video you can see the general layout except for the piping lines. The following machines and systems will be included in our project. Now it’s production time….

  • SHK Series Zet-Kneader Machines (4 unit)
  • SM.SBT Series Stationary Dissolvers (2 unit)
  • STM Series Powder Raw Material Tanks (2 unit)
  • SM Series High Speed Dissolvers (3 unit)
  • Floor Scales (3 unit)
  • Big Bag Discharge Units (4 unit)
  • Powder Conveyors (4 unit)
  • Powder Conveying Screw Systems (2 unit)
  • Pumps and Piping Lines
  • Platform