SBF Series Pump with Gaf Filter Units


They are commonly used for the sieving and ltration of foreign substances, unwanted large particles in the product after transferring the products with less viscosity (paint, ink) before or after being transferred from one place to another.


They are produced in two different types, one is a Gaf type bag lter system and the other is a pump-coupled system. All surfaces that come into contact with the product are manufactured from AISI 304-L quality stainless steel material, including the lter sieve wire. As a standard, the capacity of the lter works completely in proportion to the pump ow rate, thanks to its design, which is established on pressing the lter of the product that is desired to be ltered by a pump. With the easy cleaning possibility, you can switch between colors without wasting time. Product entry to the lter is made from the top. Thanks to the system in the lter, the product entering the lter are directed towards the sieve wire and forced to pass through the sieve. The product passing through the sieve wire ows down the inner surface of the outer chamber by draining towards the lter base and exits through the lower outlet. The lter units are tted on a at surface with legs on the outer edge surface as standard. The sieve mesh pore is again 25 mesh as a standard size.


Optional speci cations are that ltering sieve wire pore size can be used upon request, all surfaces in contact with the product are produced from AISI 316 quality stainless steel material, the lter unit is pump-coupled.