SBML Series Laboratory Type Basket-Mill Machines


These machines are developed for laboratories for pilot production or test applications where wet grinding and milling is required for the manufacturing of industrial paints, automotive repair paints, marine paints, leather paints, wood varnishes, various coatings, printing inks, screen printing inks, ceramic products, herbal and agrochemicals, wax-based materials and pigment and coloring products.




This type of basket-mill machines designed for laboratories is very practical and compact. Milling basket with a superior wet milling feature, which is used in the machine, has been designed to ensure high milling of the product. Thanks to its high-ef ciency product ow and the propeller operating under the milling basket which also contributes to dispersion, it has the feature of completing the operation effectively in a short time. Both the milling basket chamber and the wall of the vessel provide effective temperature control. All wet surfaces are made of stainless steel. The milling beads in the basket play a large role in this machine. The frequency inverter technology has variable-speed adjustment. Time adjustment and temperature measurement systems are standard.


The ability of moving up and down over its own body with an electro-hydraulic system, mobile and automatic vacuum system, ex-proof design in ATEX Zone 1 EEX dlIB T4 standard , recipe controlled semi-automatic or fully automatic PC / PLC control system are offered as optional features.

Machine Type SBM3-L SBM10-L SBM 50-L
Main Engine Power (Kw) 0,55 - 3 1,5 - 4 4 - 11
Mixing Speed (rpm) 0-3000 0-3000 0-1500
Total Volume (Lt) 3 10 300
Efficient Volume (Lt) 0,6 - 2,4 2 - 8 10 - 40