SDC Series Din Viscosity Flow Cups


It is widely used for fast and ef cient comparison of low viscosity uids in the laboratory. It is often preferred to measure the viscosity of products such as paint, varnish, and ink.


The main body is manufactured from rigid aluminum in accordance with DIN 53211 standards in the CNC machining center. The hole ori ce made of stainless steel is placed in the Din Cup outlet hole with an accuracy of 0.02 mm. The Din Cup is completely polished inside and out, minimizing waste of time in terms of cleaning. The viscosity of any liquid to be measured is expressed as the time of passage through a certain hole diameter from the Din Cup with a volume of 100 ml. Keeping the inner geometry and structure of the cup as same, the outlet holes can be manufactured as 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 mm as standard. The time of transition is measured by the chronometer.


The tripod carrier on which Din Cup will be placed, the handle to be used by dipping in to the product are optional.

Product Type SDC2 SDC3 SDC4 SDC6 SDC8
Hole diameter (mm) 2 3 4 6 8
Viscosity Range (Centipoise) 10 - 50 35 - 300 50 - 800 300 - 1500 500 - 500
Product Type SDC2 SDC3 SDC4
Hole diameter (mm) 2 3 4
Viscosity Range (Centipoise) 10 - 50 35 - 300 50 - 800
Product Type SDC6 SDC8
Hole diameter (mm) 6 8
Viscosity Range (Centipoise) 300 - 1500 500 - 500