SDP Series Liquid Transfer Pumps


It is widely used for the transfer of various viscosity liquids, especially any kind of paint or low viscosity chemicals, which can come to the pump inlet with its own uidity.


The pump body is completely made of cast iron material and the gear group is subjected to special heat treatment to extend the wear time. Thanks to the special bronze bearings, extremely quiet operation feature is added to the pump. The pump is a forced pump gear. It is manufactured according to various uidity rates and is manufactured as a single pump or motor-chassis coupled as standard. As standard, it is driven by being coupled to the belt pulley system and electric motor. There is an intake funnel and valve on the inlet side. It has a mobile feature thanks to its wheels under the connection frame. The gears are specially hardened by cementation.


Ex-proof feature in ATEX Zone 1 EEx dlIB T4 standards, production of pump body and gears from stainless material, speed control frequency converter and speed adjustment of the pump are offered as optional properties.

Pump Type SDP 1 1/4 SDP 2
Engine Power (Kw) 1,1 - 3 2,2 - 4
Capacity (Lt / Hour) 250 750