SHKL Series Laboratory Type Zet-Mixer Machines


These mixers are produced for laboratories for pilot production in the tests or development of products whose viscosity pretty high like hotmelt adhesives, rubber, bmc and smc pulp, glass ber reinforced products, lining manufacturing industries, solid fuels, and heavy plastisols.


Designed for laboratories, this type of zet-mixer machine is quite compact. The internal walls of the mixing vessel are made of


Double-jacket vessel system for heating or cooling, the mixing pallets with AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel cast-in, the jet lter system, the speed setting of the mixing pallets and extruder systems with a frequency inverter, vacuum systems, ex-proof design in the T4 ATEX Zone 1 EEX dIIB standards, temperature measurement system, recipe controlled semi-automatic or fully automatic PC / PLC control system are optional.

Machine Type SHK06 SHK3 SHK5
Main Engine Power (Kw) 0,37-1,5 1,5-3 1,5-4
Extruder Power (Kw) - 0,37-0,55 0,37-0,55
Mixing Speed (rpm) 20 - 30 20 - 30 20 - 30
Total Volume (Lt) 0,6 3 5
Efficient Volume (Lt) 0,15 - 0,42 0,75 - 2,1 1,25 - 3,5