SHKL Series Laboratory Type Zet-Mixer Machines


These mixers are produced for laboratories for pilot production in the tests or development of products whose viscosity pretty high like hotmelt adhesives, rubber, bmc and smc pulp, glass ber reinforced products, lining manufacturing industries, solid fuels, and heavy plastisols.


Designed for laboratories, this type of zet-mixer machine is quite compact. The internal walls of the mixing vessel are made of


Double-jacket vessel system for heating or cooling, the mixing pallets with AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel cast-in, the jet lter system, the speed setting of the mixing pallets and extruder systems with a frequency inverter, vacuum systems, ex-proof design in the T4 ATEX Zone 1 EEX dIIB standards, temperature measurement system, recipe controlled semi-automatic or fully automatic PC / PLC control system are optional.

Machine Type SHK06 SHK3 SHK5
Main Engine Power (Kw) 0,37-1,5 1,5-3 1,5-4
Extruder Power (Kw) - 0,37-0,55 0,37-0,55
Mixing Speed (rpm) 20 - 30 20 - 30 20 - 30
Total Volume (Lt) 0,6 3 5
Efficient Volume (Lt) 0,15 - 0,42 0,75 - 2,1 1,25 - 3,5


SHKL Series Laboratory Type Zet Mixer Machines are designed for high precision mixing processes in laboratory environments. This series offers an effective solution to achieve homogeneous mixing and comprehensive processing of samples.

The SHKL Series is a powerful machine type that enables users to mix, knead and emulsify various materials on a laboratory scale. This series is especially optimized for mixing high viscosity and fine particulate materials.
Zet-Mixer machines are used in the production of products with high viscosity such as hotmelt adhesives, rubber, bmc and smc paste, glass fiber reinforced products, pad production industries, solid fuels, heavy plastisols. The rotation of the specially shaped “Z” mixing paddles with the horizontal mixing system in the boiler at different speeds and in both directions ensures an extremely homogeneous kneading and mixing. In this context, they are widely preferred machines in the food industry.
This type of zet-mixer machines designed for laboratories have a very compact and space-saving design. It is offered as a standard feature that the inner walls of the mixing vessel are made of AISI 304-L quality stainless steel material and the mixing paddles are made of steel casting material. In addition, the ability of the product unloading screw (extruder) to work in both directions is offered as a standard feature in pallets and models with extruders. Thanks to the special form of the mixing paddles, it offers an effective mixture in a much shorter time than the classical “Z” type mixers. There are two different types of discharge systems in the machine. In models with extruder, the product in the boiler is taken out of the boiler with the help of an extruder (worm screw). In tilting models, the boiler rotates at an angle of 110 degrees with the help of pneumatic or, in some models, hydraulic system, allowing the product to be taken out of the boiler. Zet-Mikser machines are manufactured in standard capacities as laboratory and production models.
Double-walled boiler system for heating or cooling, mixing pallets made of AISI 304 or 316 quality stainless steel, Jet Filter system, speed adjustment of mixing pallets and extruder system with frequency inverter, vacuum system, explosion-proof in ATEX Zone 1 EEx dIIB T4 standards design, temperature measurement system, recipe controlled semi-automatic or fully automatic PC / PLC control system are offered as optional features.
The compact and ergonomic design of the machine saves space in the laboratory area and offers ease of use. Also, made of high quality materials, the SHKL Series is designed for durability and longevity.

As Sözer Makina, we are proud to offer reliable and quality products such as SHKL Series Laboratory Type Zet Mixer Machines. This series makes your laboratory work more efficient and result-oriented, while offering you the perfect solution for sensitive mixing processes.

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