SKKU Series Can Closing Units


It is widely used in all kinds of production industries in the areas where it is necessary to close the can with a cap after the product is lled into the cans with a ip-off cap. It is frequently preferred in chemical industry applications for the closure of cans of various sizes, especially in the paint manufacturing industry. Press and lling machines are among our frequently preferred products.


The can closing unit is designed for the closure of all plastic buckets or tin cans. It is also possible to work with cans of various sizes with its adjustable feature. Pneumatic driven unit needs 6 Bar compressed air. According to the can dimensions, the closing cylinder group has an adjustment mechanism that enables the up and down movement. There is a brake system to x the closing cylinder group at the desired height. It is possible to adjust with its own air conditioner which regulates the air pressure. As standard, the system is operated with a pedal or two-hand buttons, thereby the closing table moves downwards, and the lid is easily closed.


They are optional with roll or motor band systems.