SKYU Series Heat Transfer Oil Units


They are widely used in all kinds of industrial production, where it is necessary to give additional temperature to the environment, especially in chemical industry mixer applications, and in the case of heating and circulating the heat transfer oil in double jacket mixer vessels. They are frequently used for heating the circulating oil in order to provide heat transfer in the walls of mixing vessels or in the walls of Zet-Mixer Machines.


Thanks to the compact structure of the heat transfer oil units, the main feature of the device is that the heat transfer oil temperature is increased to the desired degrees and circulated by means of the pump. The oil is brought to the desired temperature by means of the resistances in the hot oil tank within its structure. The desired temperature is kept constant with the thermostat on the unit. The oil heated by the hot oil pump is circulated by pushing the desired place. They are heat resistant up to 220 degrees. The tank, where the heat transfer oil is hot, is painted with high heat resistant paint. In addition to the standard models, they can be manufactured in different capacity units according to the volume to be heated.


Being Ex-proof in ATEX Zone 1 EEX dIIB T4 standards, PLS control system, selection of heat transfer oil pump capacity and adaptation of backup pump system as bypass line are offered as optional features.