SM KK Series Mixing Vessels


Mixing vessels designed as low and high capacity for production with different types of machines as well as for the transportation of the mixing product from one place to another. Mobile type, low-capacity mixing vessels are manufactured with wheels from the bottom, while high-capacity vessel models are designed to sit on the platform or to rise on their own support legs.


Mobile vessels (wheeled type) are generally preferred up to 2000 liters. Models with capacities over 2000 liters are used as convex from the bottom, with fixed feet, sitting on the floor or suspended from the platform. The outlet sleeve of the wheeled type is located at the point where the vessel base and the side wall meet, and in the leg or platform-mounted types, it is located in the center of the bottom dish. As standard, wheeled vessels have catch bars on their sides to move the vessel. Vessel capacities are manufactured from 1 liter to 15,000 liters for use in production. Vessels are generally made of AISI 304-L or 316 quality stainless steel material. It is also possible to make a material choice according to the chemical structure of the product.


All kinds of stainless steel or different types of steel materials can be preferred as production material. Special coating or polishing processes can be applied to the interior and exterior surfaces upon request. Vessels designs can be produced in different types optionally according to your production process. Vessels can optionally be manufactured with double jacket system to be used for heating and cooling purposes. Optionally, special valves can be placed on the boiler outlet sleeves. Boilers can be designed to hold vacuum and wheel materials can be selected in different types in mobile vessels.