SPVR Series Dissolver Machine Discs


The mixing discs, which give the mixing and dispersion ability to the machine and suitable for working at high speeds during the production of low and medium viscosity products with dissolver machines, are widely used in almost all industries.


The most functional feature is that the dissolver machine discs reach homogeneous mixture in a short time without increasing the temperature of the product to be mixed thanks to the special wing structure. The special structure of the wing angles has also been developed to minimize the dispersion process. 40 mm to 900 mm in the desired dimensions, 2 mm to 4 mm in various thicknesses as standard AISI 304-L quality stainless steel material is produced as balance free. The discs that are produced are delivered ready to assemble by opening connection holes upon request. In order to obtain the ideal mixture, the mixing disc diameter and the production vessel diameter should be 1/3. The choice of disc diameter is proportional to the motor power of the dissolver, the maximum mixing speed and the diameter of the production vessel. An improperly selected disc leads to loss of dispersion and prolongation of the manufacturing process. Experienced engineers provide the right choice of propeller selection.


The mixing discs can optionally be manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel and the ns can be diamond-tipped. Diamond-tipped discs reduce the wear time of the blades to minimum. Double disc turbo disc and window type special disc production can also be made as an optional.