SSE Series Vibrating Sieve Units


They are machinery products widely used in the process of ltering and sorting of all kinds of viscous products with their own uidity, through the method of vibrating.


Filtering and sorting can be done easily by placing the vibrating sieve unit directly under the product vessel. The unit is manufactured as mobile as a standard. This makes it very practical to use. With its easy cleaning feature, the time to get ready for reuse is reduced to a minimum. All surfaces in contact with the product are polished and made of AISI 304-L stainless steel material. The vibrating sieve part is manufactured as standard on hard rubber mold springs. It is driven by 0,75 kw electric motor as a single model. It rises from the base on three legs. Sieve part can be easily removed and cleaned in color changes. The internal diameter of the sieve is 0450 mm as standard, and the sieve wire pore size is 25 mesh.


Ex-proof in ATEX Zone 1 EEX dlIB T4 standards and optional use of lter wire pore size is offered as optional features.