STM-P Series Liquid Product Filling And Weighing Machines


In addition to being used for paint filling and weighing, especially in the chemical industry, these are the types of machines in which all kinds of liquids of suitable viscosity with fluidity in the cosmetic and food industry are weighed first and then semi-automatically filled. Liquid product filling and weighing machines are quite serial, practical and easy to clean machines. It is capable of filling and weighing up to 6 – 30 pieces per minute (depending on the volume of the product container to be filled and the viscosity of the product) in any desired range from 500 gr to 30 kg.


Ink and Pigment Pastes
Insulation Chemicals
Agro Chemicals


The machine is equipped with a pumping system as standard. The level detection system in its own lling vessel automatically activates and deactivates the pump until the product in the production vessel runs out and keeps the lling tank full. Weighing and lling quantity inputs are made electronically with the help of the load cell and indicator system which is standard. An intelligent indicator system makes automatic calibration for each lling and performs very precise lling. All surfaces that come into contact with liquid such as machine vessel, lling nozzles, level measuring rod are manufactured from AISI 304-L quality stainless steel material. The machine is supplied with two different lling nozzles for small and large llings. The machine is manufactured on a wheeled chassis as standard. Therefore, it can be moved to the desired location. The height of the weighing scale in which the empty container is placed is designed to be adjustable. The machine needs 6 bars of compressed air to operate.


Different sizes of nozzle systems, lid closing and conveyor lines, ex-proof design in ATEX Zone 1 EEX dIIBT4 standards, recipe controlled semi-automatic or fully automatic PC/PLC control system are optional.

Machine Type STM-P
Weighing Range (Kg) 0,5 - 30
Pump Power (Kw) 3 - 5,5
Vessel Volume (Lt) 200
Necessary Air Pressure (Bar) 6


STM-P Series Liquid Product Filling and Weighing Machine is a high performance machine designed to meet industrial filling and packaging needs. This series offers an ideal solution for filling and weighing liquid products precisely and efficiently.

STM-P Series Liquid Product Filling and Weighing Machine has a durable and hygienic design. The machine, which is made of stainless steel materials, ensures the filling of liquid products in a clean and sterile environment. In addition, it offers long-lasting use thanks to its robust structure and reliable components.

This machine has advanced technologies for precise filling and weighing processes. High precision weigh sensors allow you to fill the right amount of product. In addition, thanks to the controlled filling system, you can flexibly fill liquid or fluid products.

STM-P Series Liquid Product Filling and Weighing Machine has a user-friendly interface. The control panel provides easy operation and simplifies the setting of filling parameters. In addition, the semi-automatic filling and weighing functions ensure that operations are carried out easily.

Its ability to work in accordance with different types of containers and packaging adapts to the variety of products. In addition, the optional cover closing attachment adds additional features to the machine.

Sözer Makina prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering quality products such as STM-P Series Liquid Product Filling and Weighing Machines. This machine offers a reliable solution for precise filling and weighing operations and helps you optimize your production processes.

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