STM-PTY Series Intensive Product Filling And Weighing Machines


Especially in the chemical industry, it is a type of machine where products such as putty, grease, printing ink, which have high viscosity without their own uidity, are rst weighed and then semi-automatically lled. Intensive product lling and weighing machines are very fast, practical and easy to clean. It is capable of lling and weighing up to 6 – 30 pieces per minute (depending on the volume of the product container to be lled and the viscosity of the product) in any desired range from 500 gr to 30 kg.


Ink and Pigment Pastes
Insulation Chemicals
Agro Chemicals


The machine has a helical-eccentric screw pump system as standard. By means of the pump system, the nozzles are fed and ensures the lling to be performed effectively. There are two lling nozzles in the machine as standard. Both lling nozzles have separate load cells and indicators. Thus, both sides can be lled at the same time if desired. Thanks to the smart indicator system, automatic lling can be performed in every lling and very precise lling can be realized. The machine is supplied with two different lling nozzles for small and large llings. The height of the weighing scale in which the empty container is placed is designed to be adjustable. The machine needs 6 bars of compressed air to operate.


Different sizes of nozzle systems, lid closing and conveyor lines, ex-proof design in ATEX Zone 1 EEX dIIBT4 standards, recipe controlled semi-automatic or fully automatic PC/PLC control system are optional.

Machine Type STM-PTY
Weighing Range (Kg) 0,5 - 30
Pump Power (Kw) 6
Necessary Air Pressure (Bar) 7,5 - 15