Decorative Paint Production (Russia)


Sözer Makina automation and engineering teams proudly present! Decorative paint production facility with a daily capacity of 50 tons was commissioned in Russia.

At this Project ;

  • SM 5.3MIL-IV.SBT (5 ton capacity, three shaft mixer machine with vacuum)
  • SM 2-IS.SBT (2 ton capacity, high speed mixer machine with scraper)
  • STM-P.OTO (Semi automatic filling machine)
  • Filtering and weighing units
  • Vacuum conveyor
  • Big-Bag unloading station
  • Liquid raw material and transfer system
  • Piping systems
  • Platforms
  • Automation.  

All these equipments are manufactured and prepared by experienced Sözer teams. We offer the pleasure of developing and implementing automation and software under the responsibility of a single company including all machines, devices, silos, tanks, pipelines, weighing and measuring systems, pneumatic control systems and finally the filling-packaging machines used in turn-key projects.

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