SML Series Laboratory Type High Speed Dissolver Machines


These mixers developed for laboratories for pilot production purposes in trials or product development where homogenization and dispersion is required such as paints, construction chemicals, oor coatings, plasters, printing inks, pigment pastes, adhesives; llers, sealants, casting components, composite materials, cosmetic products, food products and pesticides.




These mixers, designed for laboratories, are very practical and have a very compact design. In addition, it has a very strong design with its own table as standard. In this respect, they can easily perform highly homogeneous mixing, dispersion and milling up to a certain level. As standard, two different diameter mixer propellers are supplied with the machine. In addition to our standard models, they can be manufactured for your projects according to your desired capacity and engine power. It has varible-speed adjustment with the frequency inverter technology. It has a time-adjusted mixing property.


Different types of mixing equipment, the speci cation of moving up and down over its own body with an electro-hydraulic system, a scraper system movable on the edge and base, automatic vacuum system, double-type disc propeller, temperature measurement system, the ex-proof design in ATEX Zone 1 EEX dIIB T4 standards, recipe controlled semi-automatic or fully automatic PC / PLC control system are optional.
Machine Type SM3-L SM10-L SM50-L
Main Engine Power (Kw) 0,37 - 2,2 1,1 - 3 3 - 7,5
Mixing Speed (rpm) 0-3000 0-3000 0-1500
Total Volume (Lt) 3 10 300
Efficient Volume (Lt) 0,6 - 2,4 2 - 8 10 - 40


SML Series Laboratory Type High Speed Mixer Machines are designed for high quality mixing processes in laboratory environments. This series offers productivity and reliability by supporting your laboratory work with precise and homogeneous mixing performance.

The SML Series is designed to enable users to mix samples quickly and effectively. Thanks to its high speed rotation feature, homogenization of samples and thorough mixing of components can be achieved easily. This series provides superior performance in mixing materials of different viscosities.

The ergonomic design of the machine provides ease of use and safety. It is made of solid and durable materials while optimizing your laboratory space with its compact and portable structure. In addition, you can easily manage your transactions and adjust your settings with the user-friendly control panel.

SML Series is offered with different capacities and optional options. Thus, you can choose the appropriate one for your laboratory work of various scales. You can also mix various sample types and volumes thanks to the interchangeable mixing attachments.

Sözer Makina prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering high quality products such as SML Series Laboratory Type High Speed Mixer Machines. This series supports your lab work efficiently, increasing productivity and helping you achieve quality results.

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